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The Twelve Days of Frosty Desserts

non-dairy ice cream recipes

This collection of non-dairy ice cream recipes is yours to enjoy. All you need is a “power” blender (I use a Vita-Mix) so that you can easily prepare frosty desserts in your own home.

Download all the recipes (Word docx) here.

If you’re wondering about an ingredient called lecithin, it is recommended but not essential. The source of this fat is sunflower seeds or soybeans, and can be purchased at a natural foods store.

Day 1. Strawberry Frosty Day 2. Blackberry Frosty Day 3. Cherry Frosty 4. Lavender Frosty
5. Neon Frosty & Pale Frosty 6. Kiwi-Mint Frosty 7. Vanilla Frosty 8. Ginger Frosty
9. Chocolate Frosty 10. Maple-Walnut Frosty 11. Blue Whale 12. Fire & Ice