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Fire and Ice
Photo by Patricia Holdsworth Photographer
Fire and Ice
Summit of Shishaldin with Isantoski, Roundtop, Mt. Frosty, Pavlof. Photo by Cyrus Read, courtesy of the Alaska Volcano Observatory / U.S. Geological Survey.

Fire & Ice: ALASKA
Baked, Blended & Sautéed
By Sharon R. Leippi

This cookbook features one hundred gluten-free, dairy-free recipes for your enjoyment – written by Sharon R. Leippi, who also showcases Alaska, with the help of over thirty photographers.


Fire and Ice
Photo by Debbie Woody

Extreme cuisine:

  • Low-salt recipes for low-salt diet and
    for the “normal” person.
  • Gluten-free recipes for celiac disease
    or gluten intolerance.
  • Dairy-free for lactose intolerance or allergy to dairy.
  • Corn-free for corn intolerance or allergy to corn.
  • Nightshade-free for sensitivity to nightshades.
  • Egg-free for allergy to egg.
  • Yeast-free for allergy to yeast.
  • Pork-free for vegetarian diet.
  • Low in hot spices for “rosacea diet.”
  • No alcohol is used.
  • With blood type diet notations (O, A, AB, B).
  • All recipes are delicious, and fun and easy to prepare!

Turn Cold Into Gold!

If you want to spend more time in your kitchen but need some inspiration, then this book is for you. Whether you’re on a gluten-free diet, or dairy-free diet, or perhaps you’re a “normal” person – these 100 recipes from the 49th state will empower the reader to successfully prepare delectable dishes inspired by Alaska!

Fire & Ice is available on Amazon or you can order one or more directly from Frosty Books. To buy Fire & Ice in bulk, send a message to info@frostybooks.com or mail an invoice for the desired amount.

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