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Ruger likes the Strawberry Frosty!

This is my niece's favorite Frosty. Even Ruger likes to lick the bowl!


The purpose of these 100 recipes from Alaska, the 49th state, is twofold: (1) to enhance your own recipe collection; and (2) for encouragement to get into the kitchen and be creative with food. These recipes are extreme, i.e., gluten-free, dairy-free, etc., written in Alaska, a land of fire and ice, and gold, with extreme weather and extreme roads.

Sharib R. Leippi

Author Sharon R. Leippi

The author loves Alaska, and claims that the winters are milder in Anchorage than where she grew up in southern Saskatchewan. She presently lives in Anchorage, and works full-time for two attorneys as a secretary/paralegal in Anchorage. Sharon is also a notary.

Sharon shares her condominium with Ruger, who is a Siberian cat with Siamese/Himalayan features. He is a fan of the Strawberry Frosty.

Sharon has taken her passion for cooking; her knowledge of health and experience as a registered nurse; and her skill and expertise in writing to put this book together. Kitchen tips included.

With help from book designer Julie Allred from BW&A Books in North Carolina, and over thirty photographers, including food photographer Patricia Holdsworth in Regina, Saskatchewan, who also designed the front cover, as well as from Thomson-Shore in Michigan who manufactured the book, the Fire & Ice cookbook is ready for a spot in your kitchen or bookshelf, or as a present for someone on your gift list.

Coho Salmon
Sockeye Salmon

Photos by John Hyde, Wild Things Photography